More About the Author And His Cyclothymic Terrors

I’m a Washingtonian named Kyle T. Dibert, and I have been suffering from Borderline Personality, Bipolar I, & Generalized Anxiety which holds hands with crippling  depression, anxiety, & addiction that has lasted for several long years. After numerous drug overdoses, car crashes, rehabs, twenty-three acute psychiatric hospital stays, psychosis, and unrelenting misery, I am now asking for help…In 2008, my bipolar uncle Sam, committed suicide who also an addict like me; I fear I won’t  make it to my next birthday at the rate I am going. Nothing has worked for me, thus far. All the “dual-diagnosis” treatment centers primarily treat the addiction side, and have little to no support for mental health, which is why I am been discharged from three rehabs. I am at my wit’s end, and I have no idea what to do next. My entire family, has for the past few years, been trying to help me becaue they don’t want to lose me too early & too young like they did with Sam, but they, too, are running out of steam; I’ve tried everything I can think of to lessen the severity of my mood swings, but with my anxiety & depression, I find it impossible to abstain from drugs, which then only excentuates the moods. And, all the while, I self-published a book of poetry in 2015 titled “The Escape: Musings of the Underground” because I am so frequently suicidal that at the time I wanted to release the book & then kill myself. I’ve written Dr. Phil, but to no relent. I need serious help. I have burned nearly every bridge with my friends, & I fear if I don’t get some intensive therapy & some treatment they will have to admit defeat as well. I am a lover of words, music, & life itself. I want to leave you with this: yesterday, my mother told me she’s been having dreams that I had died, & that she had to arrange the funeral, for the last several weeks; I have been having similar dreams — if something doesn’t move or change immensly, I know I will die, & I do not want my family to have to pick up the pieces after I am gone. I have a tremendous amount of talent, wit, and brilliance to add to the world if only I could find a treatment center that would help me in this time of incredible need.