One More Burned Out and Innocently Gone 

There’s miles ‘till dawn – Even the moon’s moving on.  Another day, another song; One more burned out and innocently gone. friends arrive and friends depart; inevitably, these things fall apart when your lovers fail to stay sober, you don’t notice fragility of life ‘till it’s over, while you plead, teary-eyed, for one more start … Continue reading One More Burned Out and Innocently Gone 

positively, — meaning less

positively, everything in a realistic light is meaning less as days drag in a horrendous stupor, and with each wailing dawn comes the hangover! which is life unfiltered & raw: this unfillable hole devoid of pleasure or satisfaction, one which gives until there is nothing left ‘cept ever-diminishing yields   in fields of forever the … Continue reading positively, — meaning less

where the sun rays may fade

And where the sun rays may fade, On certain deserted walkways – After rainy-day parades, – The youth of summers which slip Away into a pitter-patter of eternity Echoing down vacant hallways. Pale in desolation, Time flees Like a victim of a bully, or a phantom of the night. I just know.   I feel … Continue reading where the sun rays may fade

A New Day Never Dawns

When the words cut like barbed wire, And you’re caught in the crossfire; Everyone’s standing around, egging you on, And darkness comes, – the new day never dawns. A love you thought would last a lifetime, Stuck together like tar, pitch, and turpentine. The pure and decent last only so long, But when they leave, … Continue reading A New Day Never Dawns


An Ellipses Across the Night

In the hills, the clouds rose like wisps of smoke above the horizon’s cusp Where the sun touched land, the land warmed, momentarily, until the gust; Lovers laid beneath those clouds of smoke and wisp, waiting for the night To come on so suddenly, for romance to unfold – torrential strike of vitality Burning red-hot, … Continue reading An Ellipses Across the Night

you know the type

A salesmen in the worst attire He could talk you off a cliff, But had the stubbornness of a mule,  And no one could talk him down A salesmen in disheveled attire Jumps thirty stories – the one with So many stories to tell, And so many people to touch; He could talk you off … Continue reading you know the type