Excerpt From the Book I’ll Never Write

I’ve started to go to therapy; I’m in tenth grade and I’m severely depressed—not clinically depressed, the kind of depression that is full and gives the full spectrum of the romanticized version of it all. I guess I longed to be a tortured artist, and a starving heart, and at long last I saw it … Continue reading Excerpt From the Book I’ll Never Write

A Lover I Never Got the Chance to Love

As if in some dream in which I fell into, Either by sleep or some potion, I found myself immersed in conversation Nearly mouthing her words, and, If not, then finishing her thoughts for her. Submerged in her consciousness; Conscious of our hearts beating in sync I felt the weight of the day lifted, As … Continue reading A Lover I Never Got the Chance to Love

Suburban Discomfort

The house slowly began to fall apart, as my father limped around the house —and my mother’s poor, forsaken heart started to burst. The children were witnesses —I was witness to it. I had seen firsthand the misery and commiseration associated with family disintegration. The marriage eroded away like the beaches of dreams that have … Continue reading Suburban Discomfort

Lonely As the Night

lonely as the night enveloped in black a symphony of sadness on this Saturday night of loneliness   the cold crept back into my life again   like the dainty flowers between the cracks in the concrete   have you ever lost something that slipped between your fingers?   I have   everything slipped between … Continue reading Lonely As the Night