A Soliloquy to the Sky

Over and over, “I cannot allow the pain To blot out the sun like showers of rain; I mustn’t let the mind supremely reign Dictatorship of this minuscule heart & mediocre brain. I find the light of myself in glints – No longer will I permit my perception to glaze in sorrowful tints; For so … Continue reading A Soliloquy to the Sky

Come the End

Come the end, for I am ready; Come the end, the world is heavy.   Lest I lie, or lest I leave, The best of me I will retrieve.   But if I breathe tomorrow my last, And today is only A thing of the past, I will remember The world and all its contrast: … Continue reading Come the End

Nowhere In No Time (Ballad)

I woke up on the roadside, In the shadows of shade Knocked onto the pavement Though the debts were all paid Travelin’ like a nomad Through the wintry nights Down on my luck Missing those neon lights Broke the laws Of the land And got caught With an upper hand A woman found me Black … Continue reading Nowhere In No Time (Ballad)

Another Excuse to Get Drunk in America 

It seems the celebration has replaced what we originally celebrated for. It is no longer the day of independence, but the day of recklessness and superficial joyousness. The fireworks burst overhead, and I am on the beach wondering wondering wondering why oh why is all of this necessary. Our forefathers would scratch their heads in … Continue reading Another Excuse to Get Drunk in America