our identities & modern disparities

lovers fled to the mystic fields of indifference, and I, half-alive, mostly asleep tried to acknowledge the significance of my own existence despite the well’s water rising due to tears softly seeping, I aimed to ally the Solution, and not aid and abet the resistance: this parasitic fascination to superfluous smiles while the soul’s weeping … Continue reading our identities & modern disparities

A Soliloquy to the Sky

Over and over, “I cannot allow the pain To blot out the sun like showers of rain; I mustn’t let the mind supremely reign Dictatorship of this minuscule heart & mediocre brain. I find the light of myself in glints – No longer will I permit my perception to glaze in sorrowful tints; For so … Continue reading A Soliloquy to the Sky

God-Forsaken Immortality

And so, I wrote until the sun kissed my face, And the birds screamed sunrise melodies; As the people in their homes slept the morning hours away Until their dreams were only sweet memories.   Then they awake to their 9-5 job, As I am harrowingly writing on Some abandoned rooftop Smoking the last drag … Continue reading God-Forsaken Immortality