Come the End

Come the end, for I am ready; Come the end, the world is heavy.   Lest I lie, or lest I leave, The best of me I will retrieve.   But if I breathe tomorrow my last, And today is only A thing of the past, I will remember The world and all its contrast: … Continue reading Come the End

Excerpt From the Book I’ll Never Write

I’ve started to go to therapy; I’m in tenth grade and I’m severely depressed—not clinically depressed, the kind of depression that is full and gives the full spectrum of the romanticized version of it all. I guess I longed to be a tortured artist, and a starving heart, and at long last I saw it … Continue reading Excerpt From the Book I’ll Never Write

The Day Will Come

I’ve got it bad for how good I have it – I have problems, But nothing serious. At least I’m not homeless; It could always be worse, I think, And that sure cheers me up. Everything Is fine. Smile you lonely bastard You have it all; You have it alright Don’t piss and whine You … Continue reading The Day Will Come