What to Keep in Mind While Reading my Blog

For anyone that reads my work, I want you to know that how I felt when I wrote any particular piece is almost surely different than how I feel now. If in one poem or story it sounds extremely suicidal, that is because at the time in which I wrote it I felt that way, but come morning, all the pain and misery is washed away; I don’t want anyone to be alarmed! Because I am Bipolar I with severe, rapid mood-swings the writing is what I turn to, to relieve the despair. I am at all times “certainly uncertain, at least I’m pretty sure I am…”: I am as ambivalent as they come, some might be clever and call it the ‘artistic temperament.’ Though, whatever you call it, it doesn’t matter so much as how it affects my writing and art. So, for anyone out there in awe or shocked by how dark my writing is, just please understand that it is the result of this lifelong illness and mental affliction. I am not ‘Bipolar’, or, ‘Depression’, or any of those terms to classify people; instead, I am only living and writing from my side of the fence…I can only see and describe the things that affect me: I know nothing more than what I am currently thinking, and how the thoughts are affecting how I feel. It is really like when Cat Stevens sung something to the effect of ‘I only know what I feel right now’, and the same is true for me and the art I create. It is all subjective; some wise, some tender, but it is all real.  If whoever stumbled upon this page got nothing out of it, I want to make sure you know that this blog, and the writings within it, are how I cope with this affliction: it is nothing more and nothing less. The arts are how I survive; how I live; how I get the courage to go on.

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