where the sun rays may fade

And where the sun rays may fade,

On certain deserted walkways –

After rainy-day parades, –

The youth of summers which slip

Away into a pitter-patter of eternity

Echoing down vacant hallways.

Pale in desolation, Time flees

Like a victim of a bully, or a phantom of the night.

I just know.


I feel myself growing weaker

And weaker still, ‘til I groan arising from chairs

As if a soul, not mine, resides within;

One of a man draped in Destiny

Waving a torn, bloody flag of defeat:

For this One knew its fate,

A moment no sooner, nor late

And he doth surrender and contemplate

Where his flame will tangle through

Another’s eyes, and thus he sees

But cannot take.


As light seemingly slithers amongst us

As time appears to envy something so transient

And coaxingly affectual to just roamers here;

Meandering through thickets of experience mistaking

Wisdom for tom-foolery of a tarnished age,

These bizarre, ungodly creatures consciously construct

A world defined by false ideas and plastic memories,

Thus, inciting the eye to dissect itself until

It sees only that which is left to be revealed in ruin.

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