A New Day Never Dawns

When the words cut like barbed wire,

And you’re caught in the crossfire;

Everyone’s standing around, egging you on,

And darkness comes, – the new day never dawns.

A love you thought would last a lifetime,

Stuck together like tar, pitch, and turpentine.

The pure and decent last only so long,

But when they leave, where do you belong?

This melody no one cares to hear forever,

Despite your modest attempt at being clever;

With notes which linger long and quickly fade

Into a silence like that of a child’s grave.

Now, missing only her breath on my shoulder

On those dark nights, I wished I was older;

Older, so time would have zipped past

To a place, with us together, where the good may last.

That is just the tragedy of living:

One tries hard, but succumbs to give in.

While there are things to be missing,

In the end, only with Misery, will you be kissing.

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