An Ellipses Across the Night

In the hills, the clouds rose like wisps of smoke above the horizon’s cusp

Where the sun touched land, the land warmed, momentarily, until the gust;

Lovers laid beneath those clouds of smoke and wisp, waiting for the night

To come on so suddenly, for romance to unfold – torrential strike of vitality

Burning red-hot, crimson coals chilled by the hatred brought by cold.

Soon, the lunar eclipses blotted out the tentative sun, an unraveling question –

The ellipses dotting across this darkest night until the love lasted only so long

And everything once deemed righteous, worthy, or of pure will, wilted into

Ravished ashes on the ice-ridden ground, and the clouds rose up again like

Spirits in western ghost towns, only alerting me to the frailty of love, the innocence

Of time, and the malice of man.

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