I Awake Crying, Again

I awake from a dream crying…again. The girls were grown up. I had been in the hospital and I didn’t remember: ten long years had passed. I was running away from the police – a exceptionally strong police officer. And Chris was chasing me as well. I was far out in fields, something, or someplace like Nine Mile, Back Swamp. I was part of an elite group of people; I was in this crew of people, who were highly motivated – like some upper-class marketing team. All of this seems to flip from the scene with the master lock, the safe where I put my pin into…do exactly what I don’t know, and then to me talking to the new neighbors in the neighborhood who are sitting in the house with Chris and I. I remember questioning the newcomers, then telling them what had happened; how I had been chased, and that I didn’t remember going to hospital, which, I found strange & somehow we both laughed at the peculiar nature of the memory lapse. I see the ditches, deep ditches, the darkness of the night, and Chris trying to catch me. The hospital calling my name. 

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