oh, Hurt 

she’s wearing yesterday’s makeup irrationally dashing toward someone as she creates something out of nothing, nothing matters to her as much as something as small as a word in a text which came off curt even if a game is being kindly played, she feels abandoned & betrayed
she departs

and upstarting, I remark, quickly ‘this isn’t a good idea’, thinking rapidly, cyclically, while reasoning with madness on a carousel of sadness, I suddenly saw through the eyes of another, the oddities of a human’s fragileness – a sensitivity heightened by fear of abandonment and laden self-doubt which shouts off the rooftops ‘either love me or kill me!’
but then she’s gone, emotions having laid disaster on her once supreme logic & I find myself 

at the opposite side of scope wondering how strange it is the mind that twists the thoughts when the soul begins to feel…

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