shitty poem #495

And the days dragged on like laborers trudging into the unknown night:
The canary was screaming that the tunnel was coming down,
As internally everything was bursting outward, exploding;
Meanwhile nothing mattered except love,
And even that was fleeting and transient
Like mist in some mountains of nowhere, no one cared to explore.
While everyone clutched at the straws of normalcy, clinging, desperately
To lifesavers made of misplaced dreams & eternal redundancy,
Hidden, of course, behind veils of doubt
Lurking subconsciously somewhere about
Themselves after
Seizing reflections that were no use
To stop the thoughts which eagerly confuse

The thoughts befuddle me until
Reality curdles
In some god-forsaken puddle
And even the keen,
With an act of revolution,
Lean toward circumlocution to
evade the words,
living in darkness, shade,
when life meant
a damn thing.

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