k e l s e y.

maybe it was the way,

with such soft sincere-ness,

she alerted me to my own darkness

hidden behind a veil of plastic smiles;


or maybe,

it was her seemingly innate

ability to allure my heavy thoughts,

unworthy for anyone else,

out in to the open

to be discussed:


isn’t that what we all long for?


to cease to be something overlooked,

instead something carefully read over

like a book being scrupulously poured over;

like some magnanimous wave of interest being splashed over a petty soul –

this wealth of dainty knowledge, fear, & regret.


maybe, we were just flowers

growing toward

the dying, setting sun

as we lost ourselves &

fell in love with the past

while souls kissed,

desperately clinging onto the good

that may not last.

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