our identities & modern disparities

lovers fled to the mystic fields of indifference,

and I, half-alive, mostly asleep

tried to acknowledge the significance of my own existence

despite the well’s water rising due to tears softly seeping,

I aimed to ally the Solution, and not aid and abet the resistance:

this parasitic fascination to superfluous smiles while the soul’s weeping


left a gap between the web and self and society

as an intellectually decimated population sought the idiocy of virtual gratification,

inadvertently boosting cretins’ notoriety

which isolated the keen from humanity – a melting pot generation of distant relations

with confidence brittle as glass, they’re on the brink, delaying the inevitable shatter

after super-stars explode from egos built on high cliffs, with unjustified

pretentiousness for foundations

they’ll see once it is already too late

for mankind, had far earlier, decided their fate


after haughty stupidity dressed up in nineties suits

and babyishly gabbed its way into the oval office

as we solemnly asked, ‘what else do we have to lose?’

while we won some wars, but lost ourselves


we’ll see we are

torn and tattered,


war torn and battered,


a culture shattered,



you’ll see

as a people, we have regressed

because we only chased away the real

while we clung to feeble attempts at happiness

coated in insecurities no one took note of

as we were living a lie of a life:

only the thin shell of an existence

where we were broken, hurting inside

smiling behind hidden pain the world

didn’t see, nor would care if it did;

everything was swept under the rug

thinking ‘we are living a hell of a life!’

while gambling away our precious time,

awaiting the perfection

of other people’s lives that we’d seen online since we were eleven,

yearning for everything but a golden ticket to heaven

we’re damned

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