A Soliloquy to the Sky

Over and over, “I cannot allow the pain

To blot out the sun like showers of rain;

I mustn’t let the mind supremely reign

Dictatorship of this minuscule heart & mediocre brain.

I find the light of myself in glints –

No longer will I permit my perception to glaze in sorrowful tints;

For so long as I draw eager, timid breaths,

I will adore the mistress Death

As she daily replenishes mounting regret.

I am best with heaviness,

Though, rightly do I know

That the ennui, listlessness will only further accumulate

Until on clouds I touch the pearly gates

Where the greatness and youth awaits

Me with a tender hand

To lead me up and through this vacant land,

So, at long last I’ll finally see

What it was

I once longed to be.

4 thoughts on “A Soliloquy to the Sky

  1. Such prose. Such beautiful and meaningful thoughts! You are an Indigo child, for sure. I pray you do not give up the idea of what you want to be. Life is a learning experience and you have much to share and give to humanity. Sending you love and light.

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