some text to a girl 

no matter what happens in this life, I’ll never forget how I felt around you, and the aura you put off. It’s like seeing lightning or something: no one will understand, unless you had seen it first hand, felt the heat, the ardor of a once in a life time moment. I guess, we were just ‘star-crossed’ lovers passing on the train, except I was running late, and, through some esoteric divinity, which by way of natural peculiarities, is hands-down out of our hands, procured this inopportune moment: a lover dashing toward the train – late – and the other, gasping, watching, reading the sign overhead saying ‘stop, it’s fate; it’s fate!’; though, some silent waves fell, which no one hears except yourself, when you’re drowning in the darkness, and even the sun has given up on you. 

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