After countless minds were set free into an open world and got lostindifferent waves and cool air fell over the land as railroads were displaced by automobiles and flying machines as wars came and went with it homeward peace for a time, the politician songs replaced words of politicians as the depression seeped slowly into constituents’ lives, the sexual revolution of the digital age ended and technology then surpassed human connection as air became toxic and the people too while Baby Boomers said the hell with the millennials as the last World War I veteran died with a broken world around him, as men thought like women but became them too, God turned his back on man and mankind searched for him in vain as forbidden fruits became heavenly smoke of tomorrow as wars arose for every cause with no cause for every war, and the third fourth umpteenth time the world didn’t end but held its breath
       Into the pale evening two starry eyed lovers fled like bats at the gates of blinding dawn after wild nights, which spun like the disco balls that hung, heirloom of ancient times in outdated pool halls, a new day soon to be born, illegitimate child of a bored cosmos 

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