Part I

When insanity hung at the corners of the universe,

and Time stopped to pay tribute to those lost

As the world kept spinning spinning spinning faster than a

Salesman’s gab

When in the streets, rooftops we’d sit, speculating, formulating theories

About theories

As nights wasted being wasted slipped by like droplets of liquor

Into the gullets of the homeless

When come morning all the words had evaporated like

Fog, left us all thinking, pondering

As everything we thought of thought of us too, thinking of everything

Except what we traversed in days

When ripples of the water synchronized in flowing patterns;

And psychedelic rays glinted across the surface

As Bukowski scorned and Thoreau pondered the existence of time and space

And the relation of relations to unrelated causes

When the moon was dark and somber and heavy as lead,

And all the holy waxed and waned like pretty ladies in the brittle sun

As Eternity stretched out before us like a slender woman

With legs wildly open, enticing and inviting us into the Void

When window panes melted into our bodies minds souls hearts

Illuminating the unenlightened, the frightened youth

As Reality turned Fantasy, and fantasy turned nightmare

With a nation underground, under God forsaken to shallow minds and deep drugs

When the policemen protected their power,

And the powerful protected their defenders

As junkies slaved, Christians were saved, and the rest of us

Ran off like maniacs in humid July nights

When the stars were a lightyear away,

And atmosphere was bleak, miserable as wintry rain

As reality bent like trees in ominous storms

With a generation torn between the past and the boring

When days stretched out for miles with lifetimes festooned between

Frightened trees and tender leaves

As distant beaches eroded, and silent waves crashed,

Falling like timber which no one hears except yourself,

When you’re drowning in the darkness

And even the sun has given up on you.


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