Hello to Forever


You don’t know me at all, and I don’t know myself.

That’s the problem: that’s the problem, you see.

You don’t know me at all;

And when I see that you’re calling,

Won’t you just know I’ve gone away for good?

For bad or worse,

I’ll be riding away in that funeral hearse.

And won’t you think why,

And won’t I mutter a proper rebuttal.

You didn’t love me, or speak to me often enough dear;

While you were off building your wall, I was falling from the canyon,

And you stared down looking o’ so tall.

You didn’t know me at all, and I didn’t know myself.

That’s the problem you see.

While you were off chasing flowers,

I was flourishing darker by the hour.

It’s midnight now babe, the knot is slipping loose;

Tying myself another noose.

Why don’t you come along into this dream?

There’s all to gain and none to lose,

And I know even a skeptic like you wouldn’t refuse.

Jump off this cliff, and kiss me midair,

Let us leave the land of the living

And leave despair.

I know babe, they’ll whine and cry,

Thinking that it isn’t fair:

Though, this life is for you and I;

I think it the fairest thing,

To at long last, kiss the sky

When two opposites lovers

Say hello to forever and never to good bye.


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