Inspired by T. S. Eliot

Amid the foliage and Browns
Of life’s ups and downs 

Past the vibrancy

Of yesterday’s toil 
In vacant bar rooms,

In absent minds 

Like the heroes of a

forgotten cause—

the lost generation 
Listlessly muttering by-gone

Aspirations for the new age;

which, fled like the living 

Escaping their end 
They ring, talking, sparkling—

saying over and over “This time we’ve

really found Something!”
It’s all bleak, loud; it’s all miserable!

For every nail in the structure ,

The weaker—the weaker we all become like the beaches of erosion
The Universe must know we don’t know

a damned Thing
And still, we wander aimlessly like speech

crossed in a stupor

What are we all

Waiting for, you might ask…
to be entertained, but none of us are

The light of days hits us like 

A strike of ethereal force 

But the winds of change brush us 

off the course 
Just drifters in the night 

Always waiting for something 

To make us feel—

To allows us to feel the feeling of feeling

In all reality, to be here, now 

Is to smile in the face of 

Encumbering fear

I am afraid; I am afraid I am 


On a planet of billions 
We’re all loud and sad

Screaming at the stars which cloud

And mask the thorns of beauty 

It’s a lie like we are free on

Fourth of July 
I’ve heard this feeling 

Being expressed aloud

By the coward in the brush

The coward of the Crowd 
Though, he know not what he sang

From inside,

Of that which rang

Like the telephone…

Belting, belting, belting 
“This time we have found Something!”
Alas, the day has passed when 

The wars were fought,

Crooks caught, when freedom 

Was surely sought 
The animosity lays thick, like

The coating of encumbering 

Smog, which silently sways

Between the towers 

Choking us at our final 

Nightmares are realities;

And freedom is an illusion
It is the noise

Of our entire lives 
The belligerent youth

Doesn’t understand 

But I’ve heard it 

At soirées, dinner parties 

the like 
Ever since the towers 

Came crashing to the ground 

The chimes of freedom no longer 

Made a sound 
The jokes of today elicit 

A frown

Or another round 
I stepped back, and 

Turned my cheek;

It’ll never be found—

Discovered when the universe 

Eats the sun, and we explode 

Into the unconscious formula

Of everything, where we by now know 

Nothing again,

We are the ambivalent center of 

The Universe once more. 

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