Nowhere In No Time (Ballad)

I woke up on the roadside,
In the shadows of shade
Knocked onto the pavement
Though the debts were all paid

Travelin’ like a nomad
Through the wintry nights
Down on my luck
Missing those neon lights

Broke the laws
Of the land
And got caught
With an upper hand

A woman found me
Black and blue
Knowing not all
I had went through

Like flowers growing
Together in the sun
I thought, I thought
I had found the One

As if of a plan
We intertwined
As if of a plan
From the Divine

Her name was Jane
We got on just fine;
But too much song,
Too much wine

Life’s just a movie,
You can’t rewind
It just wasn’t,
Wasn’t our time!

We broke off,
And broke up…
Broke apart
We broke rough

So I rambled westward
Toward Chesapeake Bay,
Didn’t listen to anything
Anyone would say

I made a livin’,
On the curbside
Suddenly inside,
The ambition just died

I stared into the
Clouds – into the sky
With no God around
I sat and cried

Lonely as a widow
In the pouring rain;
Trapped in my mind,
I was going insane

And all the while,
She was a callin’ me back
A siren to lead
Me off the tracks

Though, I had a knack
For picking up slack,
In the end I was alone
I know that for a fact.

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