Another Excuse to Get Drunk in America 

It seems the celebration has replaced what we originally celebrated for. It is no longer the day of independence, but the day of recklessness and superficial joyousness. The fireworks burst overhead, and I am on the beach wondering wondering wondering why oh why is all of this necessary. Our forefathers would scratch their heads in shame. Once was a time of gaining a new freedom — now we bound by the freedom we aren’t even aware we so openly have. This holiday is in folly; get drunk and belligerent and light off gun powder. No war, no way. Just the American way. To drink themselves into confusion as they forget what this — all of this — is about. The fireworks, the stale, warm beer, the women in American flag bikinis. What does it all mean. What are they here for. The thrill of the “fourth”. Or do they really realize the implication of being so blind to the fact of this once glorious country: blind to all the freedom they take for granted, blind to what this all means, blind in the eyes of the wise, blind in their mind’s eye with high probability. We are most likely in darkness and not even these firework’s illusion can save them from their utter disillusion. In darkness, like closets in hundred year old, creaky homes. The light that shines through the night will be the only light in their eyes and brain, but inside their minds it’s dark and cold; distant and away from how we started. How have we come to this ignorance and staleness of culture? How have we strayed so far from the path, that we built cities upon it, but know nothing of where to go yet still. We covered over the old with particle board, shrugged our massive, soft shoulders and said “the hell with it all”. And that is where we stand, as I sit, distancing myself from everyone who seems trivial in their grasp. Trivial in concepts, trivial in words, trivial in their ways of thinking and speaking and acting. Long gone are the days when we fought for independence, today we go to the battlefield to fight for an opinion that doesn’t matter, yet is allowed —so different from days of old. We are strangled by the freedom we were born in to. A dry rope of entitlement and arrogance led us to our end on this joyful Fourth of July. A man behind me drunkenly yelled “INDEPENDENCE!” as he fell backwards in his chair. Intoxicated off the American Dream. The dream turned social nightmare by night. This is just an excuse to get drunk.

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