Untitled #2


The days blend together
Like colors being mixed
As I’m thinking of the days
When the lights were all fixed.
The bulbs broke
As I first spoke;
A bitter joke
Followed by a strong toke.
In the dark I live
Like bats in the dead of night
Away from them as they pull
On the hem of the garment.
And I wince,
Silently in the bough
I wait and wait and wait
For the sun to shine upon me
Like the splash of a wave upon my solemn face.
I long and pine and yearn –
To learn from light;
To let it shine through my mind;
Let the clouds brush by like
Limitless mist as I am
Missing the mistress moon –
Still waiting for the somber moon
Which, glows and grows bigger
As the night expands into the indefinite
And ineffable reach.
Once more into the breach,
I beseech the pain
Like leeches sucking my blood through
Pouring rain.
In the black,
In the rain and wind and rage
I cry in angst
For the parade has passed.
And at last,
I am alone
In my forsaken cave,
Alive and torn between living and dying;
Amongst reviving and striving
For the love from above.
But alas,
I am cast away, lost in the sea of dull euphoria.
The day will come when I will meet my fate.
Perhaps, I’ll see the pearly gates,
Yet, still I wait and wait and wait
For the end to reach me first –
Before the beginning chokes me half to death.


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