Written on a Napkin Before Waiting on Tables

Anxiety causes spaciness; spaciness does not cause anxiety. I am just reacting to stress and paranoia. A quality I possess would not be defined as spacey. Borderline blasphemy. Wipe thy mind of it and move on to greener pastures. Live and forget. It’s a small instance. No one thinks less of you just were looking out for you. It’s a rough world out there, if a break is needed take one. Breathe and it’ll be okay. It’s only food. What is there to stress about. It’s Thursday. No big deal. Be there for a little while and make some money…bam you’re back home with no worries in the world. One step at a time. Smile. The world looks up if standing below. Don’t look down upon anyone. Onward and upward. A better thing is gained by confidence in the certainty of success. leave no doubt. be doubtless but not fearless; conquer the fear — leave better from it. be the master of your mind.  

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