Idly Falling


I apologize for . . .

I apologize for my idling;
But with great tidings,
I lend a passive hand

It is just . . . I get so much accomplished
Being lazy as rivers flow;
Whimsical and merry,
It slithers to the sea –
I too, am a product of a calmer nature

When all is said
And all is done
The last laugh
Will be had by the setting sun

Treading the same the road
Day after day
Chuckling quietly
At everyone

Life is just a giant circle
In which we run and run and run

Now, I dawdle in listless creation –
Nothingness accompanies me
As I fall
again out of Orbit

Idle or not, the grains of sand will be swept where they may by the wind and the waves;

one day you will find “the world indifferent to your achievement,” too.



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