An Ellipses Across the Night

In the hills, the clouds rose like wisps of smoke above the horizon’s cusp Where the sun touched land, the land warmed, momentarily, until the gust; Lovers laid beneath those clouds of smoke and wisp, waiting for the night To come on so suddenly, for romance to unfold – torrential strike of vitality Burning red-hot, … Continue reading An Ellipses Across the Night

One More Burned Out and Innocently Gone 

There’s miles ‘till dawn – Even the moon’s moving on.  Another day, another song; One more burned out and innocently gone. friends arrive and friends depart; inevitably, these things fall apart when your lovers fail to stay sober, you don’t notice fragility of life ‘till it’s over, while you plead, teary-eyed, for one more start … Continue reading One More Burned Out and Innocently Gone 

positively, — meaning less

positively, everything in a realistic light is meaning less as days drag in a horrendous stupor, and with each wailing dawn comes the hangover! which is life unfiltered & raw: this unfillable hole devoid of pleasure or satisfaction, one which gives until there is nothing left ‘cept ever-diminishing yields   in fields of forever the … Continue reading positively, — meaning less

where the sun rays may fade

And where the sun rays may fade, On certain deserted walkways – After rainy-day parades, – The youth of summers which slip Away into a pitter-patter of eternity Echoing down vacant hallways. Pale in desolation, Time flees Like a victim of a bully, or a phantom of the night. I just know.   I feel … Continue reading where the sun rays may fade

A New Day Never Dawns

When the words cut like barbed wire, And you’re caught in the crossfire; Everyone’s standing around, egging you on, And darkness comes, – the new day never dawns. A love you thought would last a lifetime, Stuck together like tar, pitch, and turpentine. The pure and decent last only so long, But when they leave, … Continue reading A New Day Never Dawns

basket-case dreams/angst

And flowers doth wilt denying youthful innocence, Transcending into a state of aged wisdom and prudence, Isolating the leaning, decaying life devoid of meaning As lonesome lovers, tangled vines, glare at vivacity, fiending, With followers fast-fleeting, forging ahead leaving behind nuisance.   And being no great man with no great tale to tell, I can … Continue reading basket-case dreams/angst

Upon the Abscence of Childhood Memories

Here, I ponder and wander, thinking much, but not growing any fonder. Years slip by like unraveling tapestry, shimmering slivers of silver – the ghost Of lost memories, & how they haunt me! The perishable good: the horrors of life coupled with its Sinister planned obsolescence – duller and duller we become, until On the … Continue reading Upon the Abscence of Childhood Memories